Sport Activities

In the multi purpose sports hall of our school, all sports are actively done with professional coaches.

Basketball and Volleyball
Sports like basketball and volleyball are carried out as one-on-one or in groups according to the abilities of the students and various competitions are planned.

In 5th century B.C. The Chinese used to play a game regarded as the ancestor of badminton called Ti Jian Zi. Another game like badminton was played in India in the 19th century by the name of Poona. Having many similarities with the badminton played today, this game was brought to England in 1860 by English Generals. The daughters of the Duke of Beauford played this game for the first time at Badminton House. Innovations should be made by primary schools and even kindergartens to bring Badminton in Turkey to the international level. Efdal Private Kindergarten and Primary School is one of the schools that does so.

Table Tennis
Is carried out under the supervision of professional trainers.

Orienteering is a nature sport that can be done anywhere where the participants use maps and compasses to visit check points in the shortest time possible. In other words, orienteering is a sport that brings together physical and cognitive abilities and is not just a standard form of running but also a fun way to realize how time flies by as you search for the check points. It is also a sport for the whole family to enjoy together.

Also known as chess on ice, this game brings together intelligence, physical ability, attentiveness and hand-eye coordination. We have made this game possible to play in our sports hall. With the help of round disks that are made especially to slide on the grounds of our garden and sports hall, this game is now available for our students to play.

Other Activities
For students with musical abilities and interests, there are a wide variety of opportunities and musical courses.

In our chess club our students' thinking and strategic skills are tested. Ü

From Modern Dance to Classical Balet, various dance courses and shows are available for our students.
Computer programmes of current popularity and the internet are taught through applied lessons according to the students' levels.

Arts and Crafts
The aim of the Art lessons is to help bring out the innate talent and creativity.

In our Theatre Club, lessons are carried out to help our students' emotional development.