Education in Efdal

Our motto is "Education comes first"

One of the most important elements of education in Efdal is the 'Efdal Value System' that is implemented once a week in each grade. Renewing itself in a different framework each year, The Value System presented to our students has also strengthened our staff through in-service training over the past four years.

Other than The Value System, Thinking Skills also hold great importance for our institution. Efdal acts on the idea that thinking is actually a 'skill'. Skills can be taught and acquired by individuals. Hence, the most important duty of every school should be to focus on their students' thinking skills and determine areas open for development and take appropriate action. Following the curriculum topics is not enough to create fluent thinkers who question and see learning as an enjoyable process. It should not be forgotten that education and training mean not only that people are equipped with knowledge, but also they are equipped with the ability to put together pieces of information in different areas and create their own learning strategies. Individuals who can internalize and store information in their memory, who can use this information in different circumstances when required, would be both academically and socially successful. Without doubt, individuals can only attain this success if they make thinking and questioning a part of their lives.

With these ideas in mind, Efdal has started working on 'Thinking Skills' in 2008-2009 academic year. All our teachers have been trained through in-service training sessions. In the academic year of 2008-2009 there have been 36 two-hour sessions. As for 2009-2010 academic year Efdal teachers continued their training in the same manner. During these sessions the way in which 'Thinking Skills' are integrated into the lessons and reflected on our students are discussed by putting together the basics of 'Thinking Skills' and its application. Moreover, a 24-hour working programme has been designed to cover different 'Thinking Skills'. Implemented in every grade as one class hour per week, 'Thinking Skills' contribute to our students' academic and social development. We aim to raise individuals with fluent thinking skills, and help our students acquire the most from this lesson which is not provided in any other school. As Efdal Private Kindergarten and Primary School, known for our different and innovative works, we hope that 'Thinking Skills' will enlighten our students' future.